Friends With Benefits

Friends With Benefits

Where crypto meets culture.

"Friends with Benefits is the ultimate cultural membership powered by a community of our favorite Web3 artists, operators, and thinkers bound together by shared values and shared incentives ($FWB).

To join FWB, you must hold $FWB cryptocurrency tokens. This means that everyone in the community is literally invested in the community's success and gets to participate in the upside of the value we create together."

Check out the manifesto.

Lately, I've thinking a lot about what I'm calling "the real multiverse" - which is made up of the metaverse as we know it and the current, physical world. We've jumped head first into the metaverse with digital worlds and NFTs, but with the world opening back up and people thirsting for genuine IRL connections, I think we'll see a shift into a blend of the metaverse and IRL. This is why I'm super excited to join FWB and meet others on the same wavelength to bring our creative minds together and be a force in this revolution.

Technological progress happens when people from all different backgrounds, experiences, and expertise, come together. I want to learn how people with different perspectives see the future. I want to understand the challenges that others are facing building in web3 (and see how I can help). I want to understand first-hand how a community can best utilize a token to cultivate valuable, long-lasting relationships on & offline.

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